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i am sorry.

i am sorry,
i make you worry,
i break my promises,
i make you mad,
i offend you.

it is not my intention,
not in the slightest.
but i guess i had given you so many reasons,
flimsy reasons,
that over time,it just made you tired on hearing it instead of soothing your heart.

i am sorry.
you must feel tired right?
i am sorry,
you should be resting.
not worrying about me.
i am sorry...

Happy Anniversary~

Happy 3rd Anniversary!!! being scolded by lecturers, being called as the worst cohort in TESL dept's history, having so many failures in almost every semester exam, those challenges never broke our spirit down, from 104 teslians -> 94 teslians, we made it semester by semester, we had encountered many problems, yet we are still here,
may we be together for another 2 more years, and may we graduate together with all 94 of us.

BIG sem 4~

BIG for this sem requires all 179 of us to go to Sabak Bernam. the theme is to serve the people there. the original plan is to help plant the bakau trees during the Bakau Plantation Programme.  but since the haze is too thick, our head of BIG decided to let us go on a tour to the 5 different factory. my class got to go to the kerepek one. it was nice and we were able to buy kerepek to be brought back. unfortunately, camera is not allowed in the processing factory. so, i can't show any pictures here.  but it's ok.  i'll upload pictures during our stay there later.

Alhamdulillah, baby came back!!

weeee~ alhamdulillah, dipermudahkan Allah =)
you see, actually during the holiday, my presario CQ-42 got injured. it can be turned on,  but.. the screen was black.  i can't see anything.
so,  i started to research what happened. found out that there's only 2 reason  1. the screen 2. the chipset i cringed reading the price and how long it took to repair either problem, most charged RM 350++ and 2 weeks...
but alhamdulillah, i found out about a computer shop at Low Yatt from a blog, Afif PLC. this blogger had been to this computer shop for the past 5 years, he said this shop is professional, trustworthy with a reasonable price. so, i decided to send my laptop there.
the technician just took 10 minutes!!  which is amazing + the price is reasonable. the service is really ok, he answer my questions friendly. i think i will send my laptop for repairs here next time. thank you, Komputown Sales and Service!! you made my day =)
p/s: you can find Komputown Sales & Service at Lot 2.…

sem brmulaaaa~ semulaaaa~

1. 1st day of the 4th sem.
which meanssss  the start of a NEW semester  which meanssss  NEW subjects n lecturers~  Buttttt, we get Mr. Mahadi!!! Wohooo~  Our cool dad is back!
2. Election for class committee.
for the 2nd time, Syahmi won it anonymously.  Oh well, that happen when you are good~  Andddd when kiteorg mls nk tukar KK bru.  gahahaha~  so, congratulations, Syahmi!! ;-)
3. BIG is on 23rd - 25th of June
oooh maiii,  bru msuk klas dh kne gnti kelas balik =.='  theme: khidmat masyarakat n alam sekitar  got to plant the paya bakau trees?? niceeee, leh maen cmpk tanah paya pd syg n athie.  muahahahahaha~ *evil grin
4. 25th - 26th of June Technology of Education event kami, G4.9 kne open a booth.
Hmmm, i wonder how???  Xpe, let's wait for our KK, Syahmi (again :-D) to brief~
~ in overall, boleh nmpk x betapa hecticnya sem ni??  but since every sem pun mcn tu,  let us find a time to hv fun~  Y???  coz having fun is a part of learning tooo~~ (ceh, mncari alasan nk…