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Scary day

As a teacher, what I am scared of are:  1. pupils didn't understand what I taught them 2. pupils failed my subject 3. Accidents that ended up bloody 
Well, folks today No.3 happened.  and it was on my week of duty  =______________________=
kid (was inside the classroom) was trying to chase one of his friend,  friend (who was from outside of the classroom) retaliated by trying to close the window, kid slammed his hands on the window sh** science happened,  kid cut his hands. and needed to be sent to the clinic.  and received 5 stitches.  de** erm, pity kid and friend. 
since I was on duty,  i rushed to the scene, thinking "m gonna nag all of you, you swore you'd behave"  but lo and behold, the sight of the kids holding his bloody hand.  luckily, a medical officer (he was probably sending off his kid) was there,  he took hold of the situation and i rushed to find the emergency kits.  after the officer put the iodine and whatnot,  one of the male teacher sent the kid to …