Scary day

As a teacher, what I am scared of are:  1. pupils didn't understand what I taught them 2. pupils failed my subject 3. Accidents that ended up bloody 
Well, folks today No.3 happened.  and it was on my week of duty  =______________________=
kid (was inside the classroom) was trying to chase one of his friend,  friend (who was from outside of the classroom) retaliated by trying to close the window, kid slammed his hands on the window sh** science happened,  kid cut his hands. and needed to be sent to the clinic.  and received 5 stitches.  de** erm, pity kid and friend. 
since I was on duty,  i rushed to the scene, thinking "m gonna nag all of you, you swore you'd behave"  but lo and behold, the sight of the kids holding his bloody hand.  luckily, a medical officer (he was probably sending off his kid) was there,  he took hold of the situation and i rushed to find the emergency kits.  after the officer put the iodine and whatnot,  one of the male teacher sent the kid to …

Eid shopping

Assalamualaikum,  it's already the third week of Ramadan, so everyone (more to mothers) is starting their preparations for the coming Eid, however, i am not so sure bout my family, usually by this time (3rd week), ibu would have finished shopping our clothes. by that,i mean at least 2 pairs for Eid 2/3. she claimed and to quote her, "it's much easier because i can concentrate on decorating the house. plus i usually buy 1 size bigger, in case you changed your size due to overeating during the iftar. (while narrowing her eyes at me and dad)"
*insert rolling eyes here* however, this year, its like we are lagging behind? coz i cannot even say we have a complete set of Eid 1 and Eid 2 outfit.  ignoring the compulsary baju kurung and baju melayu, we usually have 2 blouses / tshirts / pants too.  so, it's kinda worrying. hence yesterday, i meticulously planned an outing with Mr.I which included an Eid shopping. i met him with high hopes that he haven't yet shopped …

obsessive stalkerish tendency

assalamualaikum n hi everyone, these few weeks, i have been drooling over an actor and a singer. (still is) it's like every few minutes, i would be thinking of them.  seriously, this is messing with my head. coz i would be thinking;
1. i wish i am someone popular enough to hang with them. (i know, i know. fat chance of this happening unless i suddenly become a model / actress / singer. hmm)
2. who is the girlfriend? could you stop being too secrecy? me being nosey. coz it's a good thing. coz it meant you are happy. i always believe if you choose to love someone, you should be brave for that person. cumenya kalau da artis tu, memg x lh kot, due to the fans. =_= 
3. please fall in love with me i would probably be scolded by mr.i due to this ridiculous wish. tp it happened kan? you were walking, you tripped, he helped you and fall in love with you , first love sight gitu.*sigh
4. how can you live in the limelight? curious about their life je. hahaha
5. what is your real feeling? coz s…

boredom and experiences

Assalamualaikum, hi. Today, I want to write about boredom and experiences (please read in professor tone). hahaha~ juz kidding. Please don't be mad.. It had been months and yes, I had only posted once this year.  So, I will have to cheat by publishing old posts and adjusting the date and time ;P hahaha~ Okay, now back to the topic. For the past 8 months, my friends and I had been waiting for our postings. I mean, we were teaching college graduates and looking at past years's records, most of the seniors only had to wait for 3 months before they received their postings (got to know their teaching schools). However, it's 8 months wait.  If I am a pregnant woman, I would be in my final month =_=' So, sufficed to say, 8 months is kinda a long holiday.  Despite our grumbles and wishes to have long holidays during our studies day...  The latest news that I received from my friends (mouth of words do travel fast), we will have to wait another 2/3 months.  I decided to work.  …

Free time

Assalamualaikum and good evening~
it's definitely been a while since i post in this blog.
in my defense, i would say the reason is because i am in my final year,
and i have to finish my action research (AR) in order to graduate.
therefore, since i managed to post this meant...
i have now completed my degree studies and is waiting for my interview.
since the interview date is not yet revealed,
for now, i filled my time by working as an assistant at a small bookshop.
it was quite challenging tho there would be some free time where i sit and feel sleepy coz nobody is coming into the shop.
however, in the spirit of gaining new knowledge,
i learnt to:
1. balance the account (tho the owner did it most of the time)
2. count the stocks (very important - for the account)
3. make sure there's no 'lifting' of things (it happened, the horror of it)
4. opening and closing the shop.
5. restocking the sales item

well, i think that's the scope of my work. you would think it would …


to be honest, there's so much i wanna write or share,
it's all in my head,
the stories, the tears, the laughter, the smiles
cumanya, tgh sibuk (cliche, i know) and malas (pun cliche)
i would put this blog in hiatus?
or probably, i'll write once a day. on anything?
please tell me...

happy mother's day, ibu! (and to ayah too)

Hi, it's Mother's day! this year, i am not at home, so i didn't do or plan anything special for ibu. Probably because for me, everyday is mother's or father's or siblings' day. So, everyday is a special day. Yeah, yeah, i know, cliche. But it is true. Plus, i wouldn't be able to say anything coz i would be to choke up and ended up crying, which is what i hate. So, yeah.
Growing up, i spent 5 years at a boarding school, Johor. This made me felt closer to friends rather than my own family because i spent more time there than at my own house. Despite that, we still remained a close knitted family.
However, living at a boarding school taught me a lot. One of them is to appreciate my family. When i was 5-12 years old, i was actually (still is) a rebellious child. When i felt slighted, wronged or insulted, i would argue about it till i felt satisfied. I can and would argue with older people, using my loud voice, which is considered rude in Malay custom. And in Ma…