Eid shopping

it's already the third week of Ramadan,
so everyone (more to mothers) is starting their preparations for the coming Eid,
however, i am not so sure bout my family,
usually by this time (3rd week), ibu would have finished shopping our clothes.
by that,i mean at least 2 pairs for Eid 2/3.
she claimed and to quote her,
"it's much easier because i can concentrate on decorating the house. plus i usually buy 1 size bigger, in case you changed your size due to overeating during the iftar. (while narrowing her eyes at me and dad)"

*insert rolling eyes here*
however, this year, its like we are lagging behind?
coz i cannot even say we have a complete set of Eid 1 and Eid 2 outfit. 
ignoring the compulsary baju kurung and baju melayu, we usually have 2 blouses / tshirts / pants too. 
so, it's kinda worrying.
hence yesterday, i meticulously planned an outing with Mr.I which included an Eid shopping.
i met him with high hopes that he haven't yet shopped for his Eid attire.
and Alhamdulillah, God is truly merciful, he haven't. 
so it's like throwing 1 stone for 2 birds.
he cannot make faces like how men usually does when women shop.
oh, and we watch "Now you see me 2".
i gave this movie 5 stars. seriously, u should watch.
since i never watch "Now you see me", Mr.I had to give me a summary,
but i am distracted by a Jack Wilder @ Dave Franco.
through out the movie, Mr.I had to shushh me a lot coz i kept making noises over Jack. 
(really, mr.I. i am excited. not my fault Dave Franco is cute. blame him.)
so, yesterday was a nice day for me.
coz i snagged 3 tshirts for RM50 which is a bargain for branded brands. XD
and coz i got to met Mr.I. thanx, mr. I =)


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