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to be honest, there's so much i wanna write or share,
it's all in my head,
the stories, the tears, the laughter, the smiles
cumanya, tgh sibuk (cliche, i know) and malas (pun cliche)
i would put this blog in hiatus?
or probably, i'll write once a day. on anything?
please tell me...

happy mother's day, ibu! (and to ayah too)

Hi, it's Mother's day! this year, i am not at home, so i didn't do or plan anything special for ibu. Probably because for me, everyday is mother's or father's or siblings' day. So, everyday is a special day. Yeah, yeah, i know, cliche. But it is true. Plus, i wouldn't be able to say anything coz i would be to choke up and ended up crying, which is what i hate. So, yeah.
Growing up, i spent 5 years at a boarding school, Johor. This made me felt closer to friends rather than my own family because i spent more time there than at my own house. Despite that, we still remained a close knitted family.
However, living at a boarding school taught me a lot. One of them is to appreciate my family. When i was 5-12 years old, i was actually (still is) a rebellious child. When i felt slighted, wronged or insulted, i would argue about it till i felt satisfied. I can and would argue with older people, using my loud voice, which is considered rude in Malay custom. And in Ma…

So long

Ya Allah, it's been soo long since i've written anything here..
I am sorry to my readers (if there is any) for not updating,
a lot had been happening, and each was important to say the least.
plus, laziness is always there, lurking.
So yeah, laziness + things / tasks to do = abandoned blog.

It's nearing to the mark of 3 months, meaning our practicum is nearing the end.
Proposal had been handed in, had been approved. Alhamdulillah...
The school is having their sports day, thus we (me n practicum partner) entering classes to relief the teachers. Was appointed to handle the performance. Luckily, partner is a dancer, so she did the choreograph, i did the teaching. Hahaha, good partnership, right? ;P

Could not wait for holidays. Nowadays, free time is so precious, we need to grab whenever we can. Even while we are resting (sleeping), the mind is still churning around, thinking abour observation marks, the research, lesson plans and whatnots. No wonder they say teachers never ha…


I know, I know,i haven't update this blog for quite a long time.. I have soo many things i wanted to write but i am just too lazy to write. Yes, the key word here is LAZY. hahahaha~
Okay, yesterday i had to buy a new printer. My old faithful EPSON TX110 had finally exhausted itself. No matter what i did, he refused to print anything, which meant I either had to go home and exchanged it with another spare printer we had at home, also from the same brand and type. However, the spare printer wasn't feeling so well, meant either I used the home printer (Brothers DCP-J315W) or buy a new one. I wanted to just use the Brothers but Ayah and Ibu had to use the printer too. Thus, the new printer. Ayah told me to buy the same printer (Brothers) because obviously it is quicker to print and to date, hasn't done any funny things. Unfortunately, when I went to Low Yatt with Mr.I and Nash (the expert), the price was astounding (Rm500 + additional RM100 for refillable catridge). I think Ay…


today, i got a notice from HEP (Office of Student's Affair) about my car's lacking of sticker. or rather the college's sticker.  ok, it's not like i don't want to get the sticker, i don't have one of the requirements. you see, my car is the second hand car and i haven't finished paying it yet. therefore, the car's original grant is with the bank and the car's grant copy is with the owner.  meaning i couldn't get the sticker. so, can you see the complications?  now, i have to pay rm30 becoz of the fine. and also request for the sticker without the grant as it's at johor. or i will walk. it's fine by me. so, i'll use the car for the use outside the college.  URGH!! why can't they just give it to use without the grant?  not all of us can buy the car. so we use 2nd hand one.  URGHHH!!! this won't even come close to what i am feeling right now

the most harrowing episode

today is the most harrowing day for me.. why?  because my hedgehog's foot was injured. i had noticed that Kayu Manis hasn't been active for 2 nights, so, naturally, i am worried because hedgehogs are nocturnal. i opened her cage, and pulled the D.I.Y pouch made from a discarded hijab. what i hadn't anticipated was that when i pulled the pouch,  kayu manis made a very, very, very distressing sound. i was shocked because i never heard she made those sound other than the usual huffing and puffing sound.  so, i checked her.  it seemed that her left foot had tangled with the pouch's strings and it was red and looked bruised.  i was in panic.  the first thing i did was to cut free the pouch,  however since kayu manis curled into a ball, it was difficult to free her leg. so, i had to cut the majority of the pouch.  next, i put her in a pail with some water. you see, kayu manis didn't like water much,  so she would uncurl faster than if i let her down on the floor, when s…

the thoughts

i think this year started with disbelieving tweets and fb posts. why?  i guessed because all of us, TESLIANS, couldn't believed that we are finally in our FINAL year.  yes, for the past 4 years, all, or rather me, decided o go through the year semesters by semesters. and each semester was marked with the semester's exam.  and each time, waiting for the result will make us nevous. however, as much as we are happy that we are finally in our final year, the apprehension comes in waves, because we are:
1. having our 3 month practicum this time, i am grateful to Allah, becoz my wish to go to the same phase 2 school was granted. therefore, i will meet my kids, again.. though with different partner. sine it's 3 month, I really hope that everything will works well.
2. new sv yes, this time, no Mdm Irene @ Mdm Ninja.. She was promoted to another college, so I will hv new supervisor. keeping my finger-crossed that i will hv kind supervisor.
3. starting our action research tho actua…