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Kayu Manis

in Malay, kayu manis means cinnamon stick. however, in my family, kayu manis is the name of our 2-month-old African Pygmy hedgehog. yes, her name is kayu manis @ cinnamon stick. hahaha ;P it's probably because she's a salt and peper with a hint of brown.  so, the first name that comes in mind is kayu manis. 

ayah bought her from MAHA with Nani. ( Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism Show) MAHA is a place where people from all over Malaysia comes to promote their business and others to come, see and buy things.  so this is where ayah bought her. they even bought the complete set: the cage, the food, the water bottle and the bedding. although, only after i explained it they understood that hedgehog is not suitable with wood bedding,  so i had to buy cat's paper bedding.
i think they were influenced from Mr. I's hedgehog, Sonic. well, once or twice i had to bring and take care of Sonic during the holidays.. because sonic's cage is bigger and he rode …