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Sem 5 is done!

Alhamdulillah,  today's paper marked the end of the daunting semester 5!!  Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah. it's amazing when you started the year off with worries about practicum and what not,  but today,  you juz realized that you had survived everything Allah, life and campus had given to you.  oh wow,  this meant i only have another 3 semester left.  1 year and a half.  wow.. that's... amazing and also scary.. how time flies.  anyway,  right now, i want to enjoy the sleep that i am deprived of..  daa~~ =)


due to the changing weather in one day:
e.g: morning is sunny, but evening is rainy
i caught the complete set of flu: sore throat, cough, fever n flu.
yep, the complete set.
now, let it be known,
that i rarely get sick,
erm, not trying to brag,
but it is just a gift Allah give to me.
however, i am more prone to small cuts or bruise.
but i guess these harsh weathers must have caught up with me.
never mind, i remembered a saying that
"being sick is a kifarah for your sins and shows that Allah remember you."
meaning that me being sick will clear my small sins and that it is the way for Allah to tell me that i am still under the blessing.
well, i am ok with being sick,
juz wasn't happy with the melancholy feeling that comes with it.
dunno why,
but yesterday night, i cried on the phone, calling my mom, saying i wanted to go home.
well, ibu being ibu,
had to pujuk me, saying that i had class,
therefore, wait till i am a bit ok.
 i can't drive n ayah definitely wouldnt be a…


wow, how long i haven't post here?
ntah, even i am not sure myself.
there's plethora of things in my head,
for me to write in this blog,
but trying to find the words and time is too time consuming.
hahaha, no, that's a lie.
i was so lazyyyy, that i choose to form the words only in my head.
heee XD
i am so sorry~
i promise, i will do my best to write again~
so, please..
don't stop reading this =)