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let's discuss~

alright,  let's discuss.  opposites attracts, but opposites attacks too.  so, let see, we are way too stubborn to let each other go, but we are way too harsh on each other too.  i wouldn't want you to change, and i don't want to change.  all i want is,  to listen when i talk, talk when i am silent, don't ask when i am silent, i will tell you about it later.  just ignore my mutterings cause mutterings is how i organize my thoughts plus, you wouldn't want to know what i mutters.  (well, probably because it can be about killing other people or may also be about killing you) when you advises me,  please remember that i may act like i won't listen to it or grumbles a lot,  but actually i did and sometimes i will still follow it.  when i make a decision based on your advices, don't ask me about it again, that makes me mad.  don't bring up past arguments, i hate past arguments please scold me gently or else, i wouldn't be able to talk you at all.  because…