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So long

Ya Allah, it's been soo long since i've written anything here..
I am sorry to my readers (if there is any) for not updating,
a lot had been happening, and each was important to say the least.
plus, laziness is always there, lurking.
So yeah, laziness + things / tasks to do = abandoned blog.

It's nearing to the mark of 3 months, meaning our practicum is nearing the end.
Proposal had been handed in, had been approved. Alhamdulillah...
The school is having their sports day, thus we (me n practicum partner) entering classes to relief the teachers. Was appointed to handle the performance. Luckily, partner is a dancer, so she did the choreograph, i did the teaching. Hahaha, good partnership, right? ;P

Could not wait for holidays. Nowadays, free time is so precious, we need to grab whenever we can. Even while we are resting (sleeping), the mind is still churning around, thinking abour observation marks, the research, lesson plans and whatnots. No wonder they say teachers never ha…