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# 53

jangan hanya kerana orang kenal kita sudah lama, kita jadikan lesen untuk berperangai sesuka hati kita- is tersentak hati, terfikir otak. ohhh, sedihnya. x marah pd org yg mengucap, cuma rasa terkilan wujud dlm jiwa. sebab rupanya masih lagi di takuk lama, x seperti yg diharap.

i told you so!!

hmm,  this is a bad day. something i really hoped won't happened had happened. it wasn't really about me but it did involved me. leh phm x? haha, nk belit-belit cerita pulak. mcm nilah, sy x prnh sangka sy akn trlibat dgn pergaduhan, sy tersepit n sy try to act accordingly. secara jujurnya,  sy marah dgn B. coz kenapa dia nk buat P n F mcm tu? dia x kesian P? dia x kesian F? dia bagi harapan tau. tp xpelh, since itu urusan mereka. yg pasti, sy x boleh tgk B coz m really mad. n i can't really smile as usual to F coz i know tango needs 2 person to dance.
in conclusion, kalau rasa x mampu nk brtahan, tarik diri.  lama atau x, jgn jd alasan.  won't want to be with a person that doesn't love or appreciate me anymore.  yes, it will hurt,  i might have post-couple effect (asking ex to be bf again) or whatnot,  but i know i am strong, i have my family, n i can find new love.

# 52 sahur~

Hadis riwayat Anas ra., ia berkata:
Rasulullah saw. bersabda: Makan sahurlah kalian, karena pada makan sahur itu terdapat keberkahan. (Shahih Muslim No.1835)

having fun~

when you played like you have no care, jumping here and there, running around chasing people, the result is really disastrous, you will become very hungry~~ really, really hungry.=.=' i felt like rolling on the floor, no sitting, and no walking. even to stand is too tiresome for me.
+ i missed my sahur, which is really regrettable, because sahur is really recommended by Rasulullah s.a.w. but knowing myself, alarm is never useful if i sleep too late or feels too tired. haha~
Mr. I scolded me and always send me a reminder to lock my alarm, but sorry, my dear. sleep is something too powerful for me to defeat. hahaha~ XD ok, i am kidding. i will try my hardest to wake up for sahur~ don't worry =)

1st day puasa

veryyy sleepyyy. which leads to waking up late for sahur, which then leads to eating quaker oats just for sahur.  which is good but not that filling. now, feel the wrath =.='
dear me,  u promised to fill ramadhan with the best of ibadah, so, please do not procrastinate!! no sleeping late!! please cook anything first for sahur, or you'll end up eating quaker oats, again.
m going home after gerko, despite the lateness, coz want to berbuka with the family, was hoping the car will be there, but i guess it's a no... hmm, xpelh, either balik naik motor or ktm. in sya Allah =)
so, happy ramadhan al-kareem!! "may we become better muslims and may Allah bless us in this holy month of ramadhan." (Mdm. Aziah, 2013)

# 51 ramadhan

"may we become better muslims and may Allah bless us in this holy month of ramadhan."
(Mdm. Aziah, 2013)

pre- wedding course part 2

the last day. alhamdulillah, i learnt new things. marriage is not as easy as you think. but if both of you work together, in sya Allah, you can be happy. =)
this second part covers these topics:  1. relationships in family  you have to know your mahrams and the wali. wali means the representatir / guardian of the women you seek to marry.  guys, you have to ask the permission from the wali.  usually, the wali is your mahram. mahram is someone you cannot marry.  if you want to know more about mahram, click on here
2. dissolving the marriage  this topic deals on how to dissolve your marriage.  you can't just dissolve your marriage easily. see here, if you want to know more. better yet, ask the ustaz
3. akhlaq  a person's attitude, manners and moral. if you want a good husband / wife, you have to be good yourself, like this Surah An-Nur, Ayah 26

الْخَبِيثَاتُ لِلْخَبِيثِينَ وَالْخَبِيثُونَ لِلْخَبِيثَاتِ ۖ وَالطَّيِّبَاتُ لِلطَّيِّبِينَ وَالطَّيِّبُونَ لِلطَّيِّبَاتِ ۚ أُولَٰئِكَ…

ramadhan, welcome~

finally, another 3 / 4 more days, and the famous month, Ramadhan will be here. in sya Allah, this year,  i will make sure to fill in my ramadhan with productive activities. sure,  the classes will still continue as usual, there will still be extra co-curricular activities, but i will not make those as excuses as to not performing my terawikh.  and i will try my hardest to follow the picture below. in sya Allah~

pre- wedding course

okay, 1st day of the course. so nervous since i don't know what to expect.  this course is held for 2 days, today n tomorrow. around 100++ IPIK students took part.  most of them are seniors, luckily,  athie, puteri, weyn and many more from my cohort also took part. otherwise, i might freaked out. however, i want to make it clear.  my intention of going to this course is to be ready for the future. i am not saying that i want to get marry like this year or next year. i am not "gatal" or "gedik" or "gelojoh". i juz want to get ready. futhermore,  this course will be the last time for the old module, the pre-wedding course held outside will be using new module + the participants will have to do 50 questions, so, i got to escape the questions.  hahaha~
today's topics: 1. communications husband and wife must have good communication.  talk when there is problem.  do not raise your voice to your spouses.  wife, remember that husband is the way to Jannah…