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requests that changed into burdens~

hi!!  this is a topic i found interesting, well,  to me at least.  when my heart wants something,  i or rather my mouth has this habit of asking it from my father or my mother or mr. i. but when they (as in father / mother /  mr. i) can't afford it,  i will sulk.  then it's up to them how to pujuk me.  usually using ice - cream. hehehe~  one day,  i decided to ask mr. i bout his feelings when i asked for things he couldn't buy for me, he said ( rephrased)  "i feels burdened.  and also hurts seeing i can't give you what you want. not to mention i felt challenged. "  i was shocked.  (o.O) really??? i never knew this!! well, maybe i did but choose to ignore this. just to see how he will react.
so, nowadays i tried to held it in and try to buy anything i want by myself.   of course, sometimes i do blurts out what i want but i wouldn't be serious about it.  because i am an independent girl / woman,  and if i want it, i will get it myself.  coz lets be realisti…

impromptu rehlah

hi all~ last friday was a holiday, so ayah decided to visit atok at Pontian. along the way, we stopped at ledang waterfall. hehe~  my other family members were so excited.  esp fawwaz when he knew we are going to the waterfall, he wore his swimming shorts n packed his own clothes. though ibu checked his packed clothes to make sure he didn't bring something torn or senteng.  we arrived there around 2.54ish. that's because ayah n the boys had to solat jumaat. fawwaz and amri were so excited when we reached the waterfall, they left us (ibu, ayah, fizi, nani n me) behind.  duhhh =.='  we were lucky coz our spot wasn't taken.  so, after putting the changes down,  they went to swim.  however, ayah had another idea. you see, at 4 am, he woke up and marinate a section (not sure the correct term) of a lamb. yup, people, 4 am.  it seemed he wanted to make kambing bakar there. he eve brought the charcoals, the burner and everything  while he cooked or rather grilled the lamb, ev…


before this,  i was a young girl with not so much worry on her.  all i think about are:  1. scoring my studies  2. being a good daughter and sisters 3. be happy  4. have fun  5. consequences of my choices
so, my so-called burden wasn't that much.  but now, i am 22 years old.  i am renting a house with 4 more friends,  i have a car, and only now i started to think more and understand about my responsibilities.  y?  because only now, i understand how hard it is for me to just spend my money without thinking about expenses.  i have to find enough money for the rents, the bills, the maintenance, foods and many more. and thinking all this makes me respect my parents. it's a wonder, really!  i only need to think about myself, but my parents, they have to provide for 6 of us, which are still schooling, and at the same time, pays for the bills. sometimes,  i am envious with my friends,  they can just have fun without thinking about money. but i couldn't do the same, but i guess i…

Mabruk, cuzin Jie~

Salam,  jus got back from Klang. attended my cuzin's engagement day. she's the 2nd cuzin that got engaged this year. the first one was Abg Farid.  well, if abg farid is a long-waited event, Jie's is a quite shocking and spontaneous one.  y? because she's my age n she surpassed her own brother, a. afiq n few older cuzins.  but still, congratulations, Jie.  you are sooooo pretty yesterday. i couldn't it was you.  even adiq doesn't believe you are engaged.  hahaha~ however, the downside of attending this kind of wedding is that the aunts and uncles kept on:  1. asking when is my turn? my answer is to wait for another 5 year? or maybe 7? hahaha~
2. what colour is your engagement day?  my answer:  i haven't really thought about it but i prefer to just skip the engagement n straight do the akad nikah. but well, i still have to discuss this with the would-be groom. 
3. when are we (the families) going to see him?  answer: when he is ready. this is a big thing and…