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I know, I know,i haven't update this blog for quite a long time.. I have soo many things i wanted to write but i am just too lazy to write. Yes, the key word here is LAZY. hahahaha~
Okay, yesterday i had to buy a new printer. My old faithful EPSON TX110 had finally exhausted itself. No matter what i did, he refused to print anything, which meant I either had to go home and exchanged it with another spare printer we had at home, also from the same brand and type. However, the spare printer wasn't feeling so well, meant either I used the home printer (Brothers DCP-J315W) or buy a new one. I wanted to just use the Brothers but Ayah and Ibu had to use the printer too. Thus, the new printer. Ayah told me to buy the same printer (Brothers) because obviously it is quicker to print and to date, hasn't done any funny things. Unfortunately, when I went to Low Yatt with Mr.I and Nash (the expert), the price was astounding (Rm500 + additional RM100 for refillable catridge). I think Ay…