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Eid shopping

Assalamualaikum,  it's already the third week of Ramadan, so everyone (more to mothers) is starting their preparations for the coming Eid, however, i am not so sure bout my family, usually by this time (3rd week), ibu would have finished shopping our clothes. by that,i mean at least 2 pairs for Eid 2/3. she claimed and to quote her, "it's much easier because i can concentrate on decorating the house. plus i usually buy 1 size bigger, in case you changed your size due to overeating during the iftar. (while narrowing her eyes at me and dad)"
*insert rolling eyes here* however, this year, its like we are lagging behind? coz i cannot even say we have a complete set of Eid 1 and Eid 2 outfit.  ignoring the compulsary baju kurung and baju melayu, we usually have 2 blouses / tshirts / pants too.  so, it's kinda worrying. hence yesterday, i meticulously planned an outing with Mr.I which included an Eid shopping. i met him with high hopes that he haven't yet shopped …

obsessive stalkerish tendency

assalamualaikum n hi everyone, these few weeks, i have been drooling over an actor and a singer. (still is) it's like every few minutes, i would be thinking of them.  seriously, this is messing with my head. coz i would be thinking;
1. i wish i am someone popular enough to hang with them. (i know, i know. fat chance of this happening unless i suddenly become a model / actress / singer. hmm)
2. who is the girlfriend? could you stop being too secrecy? me being nosey. coz it's a good thing. coz it meant you are happy. i always believe if you choose to love someone, you should be brave for that person. cumenya kalau da artis tu, memg x lh kot, due to the fans. =_= 
3. please fall in love with me i would probably be scolded by mr.i due to this ridiculous wish. tp it happened kan? you were walking, you tripped, he helped you and fall in love with you , first love sight gitu.*sigh
4. how can you live in the limelight? curious about their life je. hahaha
5. what is your real feeling? coz s…